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Mexican milk snake

Ads with pictures

Mexican rat snake

I am giving away my black mexican rat snake to a good home...easily handled and very docile...eats 1 live rat every 2 wks...he is 17 years old and over 6ft long...


Juvenile pueblan milk snake

I have a milk snake to sell, approx 6 months old...he doesn't bite but just like any other young milk snake he's a bit skiddish...80$ obo, can include tank for 60$ firm 18x18x24 exo terra with accesories...


$ 80

Albino nelson's milk snake

Willing to trade for snake of interest...male albino nelson's milk snake in excellent health, eats like a champ and sheds one piece...please email or text...awesome temperament and very very docile...


$ 100

Albino nelson's milk snake plus tank

Paid almost 300 for just the snake on order from pet store...i'm selling or tradeing my male 1 yr old albino nelson's milk snake, he is very healthy and beautiful, eats like a champ...


$ 100

Wanted: wanted female honduran milk snake check ads will

Check out other snake ads and see if something interest's you as i'm looking for a tangerine honduran milk snake and normal honduran...also looking for a nice king...let me know if you have something in...


Honduran milk snake for sale

I have a 2 year old honduran milk snake that i need to sell for i don't have the money or time for him anymore looking to sell to a good home...

Toronto (Ontario)

$ 100

2 year old hypo honduran milk snake

I have a bright orange milk snake that i am selling with everything you comes with an exo tera tank, heating lamp, 2 hiding caves, 2 water dishes and some plants and substrate etc...

Toronto (Ontario)

$ 200

Reduced need gone* juvenile pueblan milk snake

I have a milk snake to sell, approx 6 months old...great condition with black background and heat pad...would only need upgrade in roughly a couple available until oct...


$ 60

Milk snake needing new home, has full set up!

He eats frozen thawed pinky mice, always very quick and a great eater...terrarium is brand new, excellent shape...when i got him he was extremely skiddish, he was underfed and not handled...


$ 200

Black mexican king snake and tank

snake is 9 years old, 5' long and in great health! i believe she is female, but i'm by no means an expert, so i may be has two hinged mesh doors that make up the top...

Edmonton (Alberta)

$ 400

Beautiful female milk snake offered to approved home.

She eats adult thawed mice...included is her tank, lamps, "pool", and rocks...she's located 50 minutes east of kamloops...we just don't have the time...must be knowledgable about the care of snakes...


$ 175

Albino milk snake for sale!

Had this guy for around 7 or text anytime...selling him now due to a lack of interest from me...he's close to 4 ft long, quiet and pretty friendly...


$ 150

Mexican black king snake

King snake available...this is the price for just the snake...amazing eater, not picky...the tank is not available...full grown adult, not sure of gender, never checked...


$ 250

Original hand carved snake cane

mexican king snake wlaking stick, functional and ornamental, carved from a single piece of red cedar wood...for pictures refer to > www...


$ 900

Only one left !* king snake hatchling

Mother is pure mexican black and father is albino california+banana king mix...i have one king snake hatchling left for sale ! last but not least, mostly black with gorgeous white patterns...


$ 40